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Top 3000 Charities 2015

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Product Overview

Published: March 2015

ISBN: 978-1-85783-226-6

Essential financial information for UK charities

Top 3000 Charities 2015 is the indispensible guide to key financial and contact information for the top 3000 UK charities, featuring: 

  • Full charity contact details, plus details for trustees and executive staff contacts
  • Ranking of leading charities by legacy, voluntary and investment income
  • Comparative data on income, funds and expenditure
  • Listings for auditors, legal and financial advisers, investment managers and their charity clients

The Top 3000 Charities

Determined by analysis of charity income, expenditure and funds, the top 3000 charities in the UK are profiled in the book with up to 5 years of financial information, broken down by:

  • Income (legacies, other voluntary income, activities generating funds, investment income, charitable activities etc)
  • Expenditure (voluntary costs, cost generating funds, investment costs, charitable expenditure, governance and more)
  • Funds (land, building and fixed assets investments, stock, debtors, cash, liabilities, pension liability etc)

The directory also contains the following information about each charity:

  • Charity details such as address and number of employees
  • What causal areas they support
  • Aims of the charity
  • If they are a UK grant-making charity you can discover the number of grants awarded each year
  • Full listings of trustees and executives
  • Which professional advisers each charity uses

How will a copy of Top 3000 Charities 2015 benefit you?

- Identify who advises UK charities

The Professional Advisers section provides an alphabetical listing of over 2000 advisers to the charity sector with full contact details and the names of each charity advised within the top 3000. These include auditors, banks, investment managers, solicitors and more.

- Find the top corporate donors

Top 3000 Charities 2015 also lists over 500 top corporate donors: these are all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange that currently give at least £1,000 to UK charities. As well as listing their contact information you will also find each corporate donor's financial information, including turnover and pre-tax profit.

- Track the latest trends in fundraising & grant-making for the UK charity sector

Top 3000 Charities 2015 helps you to analyse the latest trends for top charities in the UK by providing a special charity trends section.

Using the financial data in this section you can:

  • Compare this year and last year's financial performance of charities
  • Monitor growth trends for each charity
  • Get a list of the top 200 UK corporate donors ranked by the amount donated to charities
  • Discover rankings of advisers by their income from fees charged to charities, number of charity clients...and more!

For the very latest financial information on the top charities in the UK, order your copy of Top 3000 Charities today.