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Charity Choice UK 2019

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Product Overview

Published: 26th April 2019 - PRE-ORDER

ISBN: 978-1-85783-251-8

Your Guide to the UK Charity Sector 

Charity Choice UK is an encyclopaedia of charitable and voluntary organisations within the UK.

The 2019 edition contains over 28 indexed categories. Not only does the guide contain charity listings, it also includes GiftAid Declaration and Bequest forms to make the process of donating to a charity even easier.

Each entry includes:

  • Charity Name
  • Charity Address details
  • Charity registration number
  • A description of the charity (for selected charities only)

Find the charity you are looking for quickly and easily by causal area, such as:

  • Aged
  • Animals
  • Armed Services 
  • Children & Youth
  • Disabled
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Hospice
  • Medical Research
  • Social Welfare and more


Charity Choice UK is used by thousands of wills and probate solicitors looking for suitable charities for their clients final bequests.

For the very latest listings of UK charities purchase a copy of Charity Choice UK 2019 today.