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Creating inspiring legacy communications .

Product Overview
This webinar will look at Wills, how to develop inspirational legacy messages and the importance of inheritance tax savings.
Examples of legacy brochures, newsletter articles and websites will be given. We will consider which messages lie at the heart of a great campaign and how to build the best answer to the question: "why should I leave your charity a gift in my Will?"
Legacy fundraising often leads to having to communicate difficult messages often in sensitive situations. 

Smee & Ford, the most comprehensive legacy data providers in the UK, and Richard Radcliffe, one of the world’s leading legacy experts, invite you to join a live webinar followed by a Q&A session to help you understand how to create inspiring legacy communications.

This webinar will look at Wills, how to develop a legacy vision, and the importance of explaining inheritance tax savings. 

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge in:

  • The legacy principles to be aware of and how to communicate with executors and the public
  • How to develop myth busting stories to ensure a great call to action
  • How to develop a bank of stories you can use in newsletters, direct marketing, on your website and at events

  • How to create stories which inspire legacy action and encourage supporters to make or change their will

We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday 24th May for this unique and interactive insight into legacy strategy. See you there! 

This webinar is now available on-demand. 

If you have any questions or need help booking the webinar please contact us