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Why legacies are brilliant for charities and how to get them .

Product Overview

Title: Why legacies are brilliant for charities and how to get them

Author: Richard Radcliffe FinstFCert

Published: February 2017

ISBN: 978-1-78358-256-3

Pages: 149

Postage: UK: £3.95 (5 working days)

                Rest of Europe: £11.95  (3-8 working days)      

                Rest of World: £14.95 (5-10 working days)

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Why legacies are brilliant for charities and how to get them is a practical and entertaining look into the facts and strategies of legacy fundraising. Through his down-to-earth and results-focused view, Richard Radcliffe guides the reader around the pitfalls of poor fundraising, using his 30 years of experience to help form a waterproofstrategy that is sure to get prospects eager to leave a gift in their will.

Throughout the book, the main downfalls of legacy fundraising are addressed; including the issues of poor communications, improper segmentation of prospects, and a lack of investment in the legacy campaign. Readers are advised on the best course of action to make their strategies as strong and as effective as possible; through regular communications with the target audience, what the demographic likes and prefers in the modern age (with printed communications still high on the list -if done correctly), what research is important to undertake, and how to start a legacy fundraiser with little or no budget.

Legacy fundraising is a complex art, riddled with uncertainty. It is also rife with the misconception that Wills are a “taboo” subject that should be avoided when communicating with prospects. Through this book, Radcliffe looks to re-frame the outlook on legacy giving – not only showing it as a wonderful opportunity for charities, but also as a source of fulfilment, satisfaction, and happiness for all prospects.



Part 1: The Inspirational Focus Why people leave legacies tocharities and how to inspire action to do it 

-         The start of an exciting journey forprospects 

-         Talking and writing about legacies 

-         Storytelling 


Part 2: The Organisational Focus Reasons why trustee boards decide not to invest in legacies 

-         The legacy market – how it is changing and how it could  proliferate


Part 3: The Fundraising Focus Terms and what they mean 

-         Research – why research?

-         Developing the art of legacy giving through a great strategy 

-         Target audiences and segmentation 

-         Channels for legacy communications 

-         What works best? 

Part 4: Prospect Engagement and Beyond

-         Ensuring the long term happiness of prospects 

-         Cultivation and stewardship 

-         Evaluating success 

-         Some other Radcliffe Rants you might find helpful 

-         The final word – the future and recognition 

-         Final checklist for action 



About the author

Richard Radcliffe has been passionate about legacies for many decades – his passion was ignited when he took over Smee & Ford 30 years ago. His fascination is what drove him to develop his consultancy which is focused on understanding the views of everyone involved:donors, volunteers, staff, and those who benefit from the work of charities.Richard has met tens of thousands of supporters and advised charities of every type around the globe. He has an unremitting yearning to dig deep into prospect motivations to make a Will and leave a legacy to ensure their long term happiness and great legacy income for charities. He has studied the Will-making and legacy-giving traditions of all the main religions, traditions, and cultures. Richard is a Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising, and has been chair of both the institute of Fundraising Convention and the International Fundraising Congress.