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Legacy Webinar Series package .

Product Overview

Brought to you by Richard Radcliffe, leading legacy expert and Smee & Ford, the most comprehensive legacy data provider in the UK, this webinar series aims to bring you closer to establishing successful legacy fundraising campaigns in 2018. Structured around creating and building legacy income, the four webinars cover in-depth legacy fundraising, communications and strategy.

Dear Executor: Communicating with Executors, Personal & Professional 

Now available on-demand

As the number of contested wills rises there is a crucial need to develop the best communications to those who are closest to your legators. Get it wrong and your whole brand and reputation can suffer long term damage. Get it right and your reputation can be dramatically enhanced. 

This webinar will: 

- Debate the issues involved in sensitive communication

- Give insight on the perspective of the personal executor

- Give practical advice on actions you can take to ensure stakeholder happiness

- Highlight what you really shouldn't say in letters to executors 

Creating inspiring legacy communications

Now available on-demand

Legacy fundraising often leads to having to communicate difficult messages often in sensitive situations.

This webinar will look at Wills, how to develop a legacy vision, and the importance of explaining inheritance tax savings. 

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge in:

- The legacy principles to be aware of and how to communicate with executors and the public 

- How to develop a bank of stories you can use in newsletters, direct marketing, on your website and at events 

- How to develop myth busting stories to ensure a great call to action

- How to create stories which inspire legacy action and encourage supporters to make or change their will 

Legacy fundraising on a shoestring

Now available on-demand

A legacy campaign should be part of an organisation's existing fundraising strategy, however large or small. 

This webinar will look into cash free legacy marketing and fundraising activities. 

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge in: 

- How to develop a low-budget legacy campaign and engage with supporters to encourage legacy giving

- How to conduct simple research to give you a more informed campaign 

- Understanding legacy language and phrasing. These will cover statements on how you are funded, Wills and legacy giving, who you might use internally to give these messages and where to use them. 

Starting your legacy from scratch 

Now available on-demand

Implementing a new legacy strategy isn't easy. Engagement, alignment, communication and research are just a few of the major factors to consider when developing the strategy from scratch. 

This webinar will focus on the overall structure of a legacy campaign - the legacy fundraising cycle. 

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge in:

- How to successfully conduct research before starting a legacy campaign 

- How to use communication channels including direct marketing, websites, newsletters, advertising and events 

- Best practice in cultivation and stewardship: how best to cultivate enquirers and how to upgrade pledgers 

Each webinar duration is 45 minutes. 

If you have any questions or need help booking the webinar package, please contact us