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Legacy Spotlight

Product Overview

Legacy Spotlight is service from Smee and Ford that enables you to create your own report and benchmark your performance against other charities in the UK, key causal areas and the legacy market as a whole.

We’ve done the work for you

With Legacy Spotlight, we’ve done the work for you by providing results for your criteria in an easily digestible format so you can:

  • Understand how your charity is performing in minutes, ideal for charities with limited resource
  • Shape your legacy marketing strategy by gaining more insight
  • Find potential new legators to target by comparing the profile of your typical donor versus your peers
  • Identify new geographic opportunities - find out if you are missing out in specific regions, towns or counties
  • Justify legacy marketing spend with actual facts making it ideal for presenting to key personnel or trustees

Start building your report today

This downloadable PDF report can be tailored to your exact requirements*; select your specific criteria including:

  • Your charity (or a primary charity)
  • Up to 2 charity peers
  • Up to 2 causal areas - the one your charity is listed under plus another if you choose
  • Date range for your report – choose all legacies from September 2012, or for a selected 1 year period**

Your report will be published in an easy to use format on all of your selected criteria.